Preserving your Wedding Bouquet

The traditional tossing of the wedding bouquet seems to have become a little less traditional of late, with more and more brides choosing to keep hold of their wedding flowers. But what is done with them after your big day?? I do like the touch of leaving them at a loved ones grave, it’s a lovely thought. But how about keeping your bouquet forever! Many wedding bouquets are beautiful works of art, an accessory to the complete wedding outfit. So why not preserve your flowers and display them in a different and unique way? I spoke to Precious PetalsĀ  who do just that, and to see what they do…


Precious Petals have been preserving and framing bouquets since 1988, more recently we have started to offer other display options such as acrylic cubes and paperweights. We have an exceptional repertoire with florists around the country and therefore many florists will only recommend us to their brides.

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Precious Petals believes that having your flowers preserved is a unique way of keeping a memento of your special day. We offer both flower pressing and three dimensional drying services and have a nationwide collection and delivery service. We accept flowers within 7 days after the event date and welcome late enquiries.


We are proud of our extensive customer base and can boast that we have done all types of bouquets belonging to a beautiful bride to Olympic champions to Celebrities and Royalty. We always remember that every bouquet will capture a special memory for our customers.

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