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You’re standing at the back of the room and none of your guests – not even the person who’ll be your lifelong companion in a matter of minutes – has seen you yet. The butterflies start to flutter in your tummy and your legs start to shake as you remember, ‘I’m ok, I’ve got my trainers on’. But for those brides that choose the traditional high heels it’s sometimes a very different story and those steps taken down the aisle are tainted with inner thoughts of ‘don’t fall over, don’t fall over!’ Thanks to the growing trend of DIY weddings and more couples preferences edging towards a less traditional and increasingly personal approach, the term ‘anything goes’ has never been more apt.

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Ladies requirements are pretty simple when it comes to footwear; as well as comfort and style they want femininity and something unique. Customised shoes heavily adorned with crystals and such have become hugely popular but for some, it’s all a bit too much and takes the attention away from the dress. As such, a classic design with original features is a much better choice. Brands such as Converse and Vans provide the perfect opportunity for brides to enjoy the best of both worlds – fashion and function. Their collection of flat footwear is available in a huge array of colour options meaning that whatever colour scheme you’re using on your big day, your footwear can blend in seamlessly and stylishly. As well as choice in colour, different styles are readily available including high-tops, mid shoes and lower profile soles for a really comfortable fit; Converse also offer a heeled version of their ever-popular Chuck Taylor shoes in limited colours for brides wanting a little height to their shoes.

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For winter weddings, sport shoes are a great option too thanks to their functionality. Rain, mud, snow and ice will ruin a pair of satin heels but when a pair of trainers are stained they look their best (and offer the perfect excuse to wear them at every opportunity possible) The extra boost of confidence that comfortable shoes can give a bride when she’s feeling a little overwhelmed and emotional can’t be undervalued, particularly when the weather turns. The sun can make a quick getaway and give way to rain on any day whether it’s summer or winter and so preparing for a washout wedding is always a good idea which can be fun too. Wellies might not be your first choice for wedding footwear but they can be the perfect addition to any set of wedding photographs and give the bride a great excuse to slip them on and head outdoors. A good photographer will tell you to embrace the weather and make the most of it – including a rainy day.


Heels and the more traditional styles of bridal footwear are certainly beautiful and add that extra touch of glamour to a stunning gown; a good pair of heels can make any woman feel like a princess but can they make her comfortable? More often than not, the answer is no and so an alternative is always an attractive prospect. Grooms and their ushers have long been drawing inspiration from overseas and beach weddings by wearing box-fresh smart sport shoes instead of black loafers and brogues for many years but now the ladies are taking a leaf out of their book and making this style truly their own.



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